A new endeavour by me for transforming my students’ vision into Reality. “If you want something, you’ve never had, Then you’ve got to do something you have never done”. We the TEAM of Doon Sainik of GS INDIA DEFENCE ACADEMY For Defence Service which is The National level RIMC SAINIK SCHOOL MILITARY SCHOOL & NDA, Where we work on the selection of the students. The Well Known Team of faculties-, ” The Best faculties of India” is our identity. GS INDIA is the best Defence Academy having the primary objective to provide “Effective Guidance” for candidates preparing for the RIMC SAINIK MILITARY & (NDA examination conducted by the Union Public service commission). “Students selection is our The motto”- Keeping in mind the difficulties a candidate is likely to face when he/she decides to sit for the Defence Services Examination.

At GS INDIA, we strive to provide you with the best. We have no competitors throughout India but we set extremely tough targets for ourselves because we compete with tough targets of impeccable quality, arduous level of honest delivery in classrooms and impeccable study materials. In this endeavour, GS INDIA PUBLICATION brought out extremely sought after books, test series and magazine. GS INDIA Academy in not only offer useful guidance to candidates but also help them in the selection of proper optional Subjects.

All the Best !!
Commander K. Kaul

We at the Doon Sainik School under with GS India Defence Academy Dehradun believe that, When the vision is for one year, one should cultivate flowers, When the vision is for ten years, one should cultivate trees, When the vision is for eternity, one should cultivate people. It is always a pleasure to write about the Doon Sainik Academy, not because I have been associated with it right from the beginning, but also because I have been a witness to it’s becoming one of the Premier Institutes of Schooling in Dehradun and I are sure in the Country. What is praiseworthy is the fact that the School not only imparts formal education to the students; it also strives with equal vigour to inculcate in them a sense of moral values, social awareness, finer arts and not the least, a deep concern for the natural environment and the perils it is facing.


Divya Soni

Today there is a major shift in education circles with the focus shifting from teaching to Learning, from the passive acquisition of facts to the active application of ideas to solve problems. I have been very fortunate in the past six months to have interacted with some of the leading educationists in the world and every where the focus is now to empower the teacher to be able to create an environment which promotes learning among children. The emphasis of learning is now moving ahead of just assimilation of knowledge, towards the ability to analyze and apply the knowledge. The CBSE is also at the forefront of bringing about this change. The CCE is a very important step taken to ensure that learning does not happen in parts but becomes a continuous and comprehensive process. The Problem Solving Assessment started by the CBSE is also another step in making the students and schools aware that just learning is not enough, it has to be learning with the ability to apply that learning to the various problems which the world will throw out to our children as they grow. Hence School education has to become more than just learning, it has to be about preparing children to successfully take on the many challenges which they will face as they go on to become leaders in their sphere of work. At Doon Sainik Academy, we have realized this early and our focus on developing the Life Skills among the students is a step in making them complete individuals as they grow. The ability to engage in critical thinking and to demonstrate complete mastery of the Life Skills is necessary for a successful future. The development of attitudes like hard work, desire to learn, commitment, pursuit of excellence, disciplines etc are of equal importance. Life Skills of getting along with people, communicating effectively, empathy, decision making, problem solving etc will take them to the pinnacle of their chosen field. I am happy to see the current edition of the Vision and it always inspire me to see the creativity of children at work. I congratulate the school staff at the wonderful work they are doing and look forward to the School achieving greater success with our students becoming.

global leaders
Col. Rawat

Doon Sainik School Faculty

Divya Mam
P.hd Public Administration & IAS pree QUALIFIED Faculty For Reasoning & Current Affairs

Sandeep Sir

Maninder Sir
Ex Army Faculty For English

Twinkle Rana Science and MA English